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    Universal Geneve Definitive Guide – Now Live! www.universalgeneve.org

    Hello everyone! I’ve finally mustered up the willpower to finish up a long-time project that I have since put on the back-burner. My obsession with vintage watches have never waned, but only been kept under wraps for the past couple years due to other larger expenses. It has been my goal to create a website that is the definitive guide for Universal Geneve watches. No such thing exists yet, and the only closest thing is Pietro Sala’s book “Universal Watch”, which I most HIGHLY recommend you buy if you are a vintage watch fanatic or into Universal Geneve. This new website was built from the ground up for the main…

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    Universal Geneve Medico-Compax ca. 1947 cal 285

    Universal Geneve Medico-Compax, with rare 100% original dial, hands, case unpolished, etc. I put an ostrich strap on it but this watch is amazing in person. UG’s are very hot in the vintage collecting market and only going to increase in price as time goes by. Brandon Please follow and like us: