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    Frederick County Arm Wrestling Team Practice 2-24-2019

    Here’s some clips from our practice this past Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/FrederickArmWrestling/ Here are some must have arm wrestling products and items to build your grip! Buy an Arm Wrestling Table: https://amzn.to/2EkSiMe Resistance Bands: https://amzn.to/2CaT1yd Fat Gripz Forearm Builder: https://amzn.to/2txgFAh IRON MIND Captains of Crush Grip Strength: https://amzn.to/2U3RWiM point 5 https://amzn.to/2BJGv8L Trainer https://amzn.to/2NhRjPT #1 https://amzn.to/2IrC7kw #2 https://amzn.to/2TYW4QX #3 Brandon Please follow and like us:

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    Universal Geneve Definitive Guide – Now Live! www.universalgeneve.org

    Hello everyone! I’ve finally mustered up the willpower to finish up a long-time project that I have since put on the back-burner. My obsession with vintage watches have never waned, but only been kept under wraps for the past couple years due to other larger expenses. It has been my goal to create a website that is the definitive guide for Universal Geneve watches. No such thing exists yet, and the only closest thing is Pietro Sala’s book “Universal Watch”, which I most HIGHLY recommend you buy if you are a vintage watch fanatic or into Universal Geneve. This new website was built from the ground up for the main…

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    Riverton Agency – Software Development Company

    In case you didn’t know, I have recently taken my software development company to the next level and purchased the LLC required for the business. All software development will now be run through my company Riverton Agency, LLC. Visit our website at RivertonAgency.com. Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to talk business, partnerships, or have some work you’d like us to do. We’re steadily growing and always entertaining new ideas and equity projects. We are located in the Frederick, MD area and serving local businesses however we take on clients from any areas of the world and encourage remote client connections. Brandon Please follow and…

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    YouTube Channel Creation & Videos!

    Hey everyone, I have decided to make a conscious effort to start posting more YouTube videos to my channel in an effort to spread knowledge on the various topics that I enjoy. I will likely post a broad range of things however recently I will be providing workout videos, arm wrestling training and practices, as well as other gym related content. My channel and a few of my latest videos are below: My Channel: Click Here! Brandon Please follow and like us:

  • Financial

    Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

    Recently I have been very interested in trying to figure out better ways to make money (don’t we all?). In particular ways for my money to work for me instead of me having to work for money. A buddy of mine told me I should read this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and after I started watching YouTube videos of the founder Robert Kiyosaki, I was immediately hooked. I ordered the book and 2 days later it was here. Once I started reading I could NOT put it down. This book was right up my alley and I have learned a lot from it. For starters, this book really nails…

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    Lightspeed Trader – Trading software review

    Like many retail traders, you start out with Etrade, TDAmertrade, Schwab, etc. and learn their trading software, dabble with some money, and then if you really start to get into it and do well you wonder if there is better software out there. I did just that.. Bring in Lightspeed Trader. This trading software checked a couple boxes for me that I was looking for. For one, it had a Mac OSX version that many leading trading platforms did not offer. This is somewhat important, but not a deal-breaker for me as I could always run Bootcamp/Parallels to use Windows software. I was looking for the fastest and best executions,…

  • Trading

    Respecting your STOP loss in a trade

    If you’re trading the stock market, whether day trading or swing trading, respecting your stops is crucial to longevity in the game. Without it you have the potential to blowing up your account and losing all of the profits you’ve made in a single trade. I was recently reminded of that (in a good way, no I did not lose all my money) but actually RESPECTED my stop and stopped out of a trade even though I did not want to. I will outline it below. The stock was TSRO. On the morning it was gapping down on some news, I really don’t care what or why, but rather what…

  • Technology

    Linux CRON Scheduling and Setup for MySQL Backups

    Backups are useful, and a must have feature of anyone’s site or product if you are going to be successful. Backup as often as you can, as much as you can. In this short post I’m going to quickly outline Linux CRON Scheduling with MySQL to backup your databases. Once logged into your server run: crontab -e This is like your CRON configuration file and will show you all scheduled tasks that you currently have running in your system. Here is an example of what part of my config file looks like: # m h dom mon dow command # db Backups - Every day at 4AM. - Write to…

  • Watches

    Universal Geneve Medico-Compax ca. 1947 cal 285

    Universal Geneve Medico-Compax, with rare 100% original dial, hands, case unpolished, etc. I put an ostrich strap on it but this watch is amazing in person. UG’s are very hot in the vintage collecting market and only going to increase in price as time goes by. Brandon Please follow and like us:

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    Honeybee Hive – The Extraction

    Since I live on a farm I get the joys of multiple garages, barns, and storage areas. When going out to one of the old horse barns on a Saturday morning I noticed an increased volume of bugs, bees, and other flying around. We have plenty of carpenter bees flying around constantly eating up the wood beams and what not, but this time I noticed smaller bees, flying in and out from what seemed like a concentrated spot. What does anyone do when they see this… WHERES THE CAN O’ WHOOPASS.. Or RAID, or whatever you have that kills wasps, hornets, etc. Luckily I’m a terrible shot, and these buggers…